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We are graphic business and are proud of it, for,
… nothing hasn't changed the world as much as that little letter made of led..'

How and when it all begun?

Since Juraj Zrinski, the son of the hero of the Siget battle Nikola Šubić Zrinski founded in the year 1570 a printing house in Nedelišće, in area between the rivers Mura and Drava, many venturous people engaged themselves in printing business. At the end of 19th century this activity has taken firm roots in Čakovec.

During World War II, for example, there were even two printing houses in this town. Through merging of their property in year 1946 a company was established, which was later named ZRINSKI, as a token of remembrance on the eminent Croatian aristocratic family.

Each time brings its challenges. Even when they were the hardest, printing house in Čakovec achieved nothing but success. Owning to longtime experience and tradition, fast and high quality work, as well as modern technology, numerous business, partners and friends relied with trust on printing services of ZRINSKI for the past 50 years. By continuous investment in modern graphic machines, equipment, and also in education and improvement of employees, the foundations are built, despite all adversities for long-term cooperation of mutual interest.

Your visit represents to us a confirmation of trust in our steadiness and quality. In return we offer all that in business world stands for tradition.

It is well known that ZRINSKI had printed first money bills and postage stamps of independent Republic of Croatia. This is reassuring proof that this printing house has abilities to satisfied even most complex requests of our costumers.

Consistent to commitment for constant developing of new and high-quality programs, we have started making and printing securities. In that field we have managed to prove ourselves, due to the full service - from forming an idea to realization of the project. We have capability to implement in such products unique solutions of forgery protection, and the whole process is conducted in terms of maximum security which exclude any possibility of securities disappearance.

Us today Graphic industry has irreplaceable role in intercessing knowledge and information, two foundational constants of modern-day civilization. ZRINSKI is a business which above all makes efforts to prevent misunderstanding, in other words, each printed sheet is in full coherence with starting idea of image and text given by the author.

We are expecting you!

O nama Reference

Dr. Ivana Novaka 13, 40000 Čakovec

Tel: +385 (40) 37 22 22
Fax: +385 (40) 37 22 12
Prodaja:  +385 (40) 37 22 77
E-mail: zrinski@zrinski.hr

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